Citizenship In Society MB

To comple the badge durring out 2 metings you need to

  • Download the Pre-requisites workbook below
  • Download and use the power points to help fill in some of the pre-requisites
  • Use your own research to finish rest of pre-requisites
  • Bring complete pre-requisites to first meeting Oct 5th

The full merit badge requirements can be found HERE


I will be offerig Citizenship in Society Merit Badge too T82 and T5014 Wed Oct 5th and WedOct 12 durring T82 meeting 6:30-8:00 PM.

Because this is 3hrs there zre numerous pre-requisits scouts need to do before Oct. All scouts must independently submitt proof that the prerequisits are done. Below is a Documnets you can use. Again we will not have the time to individually go through everyones pre-requisits as a group so each scout must individually submitt proof that the pre-requisits were done

Pre-requisites can be marked as GROUP/INDIVIDUAL or INDIVIDUAL ONLY. The difference is GROUP work can be done as groups and the answers for different scouts can e the same. Scouts still need to individually submit work. For instance , multiple scouts can have the same definitions for Requirement 1. Either because they worked in a group or researched terms from my power points. EACH Scout still needs to submit proof they did the requirement individually. INDIVIDUAL ONLY are requirements that need to be done individually. For instance reguirement 7 & 8. Each cout needs to independently research a person and event. While scouts may pick the same person and event research and documentation need to be done individually.


Requirement #1: GROUP/INDIVIDUAL

  1. Research the following terms, and then explain to your merit badge counselor how you feel they relate to the Scout Oath and Scout Law:
    • Identities
    • Inclusion
    • Diversity
    • Discrimination
    • Equity
    • Ethical Leadership
    • Equality
    • Upstander

Reguirement 2, 2a, 2b INDIVIDUAL:

  1. Document and discuss with your counselor what leadership means to you. Share what it means to make ethical decisions.
    1. Research and share with your counselor an individual you feel has demonstrated positive leadership while having to make an ethical decision. (It could be someone in history, a family member, a teacher, a coach, a counselor, a clergy member, a Scoutmaster, etc.)
    2. Explain what decision and/or options that leader had, why you believe they chose their final course of action, and the outcome of that action.

Requirement 7, 7a, 7B INDIVIDUAL

  1. Identify and interview an individual in your community, school, and/or Scouting who has had a significant positive impact in promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. If you feel your community, school, or local Scouting group does not have such an individual, then research a historical figure who meets these criteria, and discuss that person with your counselor.
    1. Discover what inspired the individual, learn about the challenges they faced, and share what you feel attributed to their success.
    2. Discuss with your counselor what you learned and how you can apply it in your life.

Requirement 8 INDIVIDUAL

With the help of your parent or guardian, study an event that had a positive outcome on how society viewed a group of people and made them feel more welcome. Describe to your counselor the event and what you learned.

  • Oct 5th 6:35 PM-7:55 PM One large group
    • Requirement 3 Ethical Decision Making
    • Requirement 4 Scout Oath/Law Scenario
    • Requirement 10 Sterotyping
  • Oct12 6:35 PM – 7:55 PM Smaller groups
    • Requirement 5 Welcoming Environment
    • Requirement 6 Different Identity
    • Requirement 11 Positive Impact

Attendance will be taken each night. Scouts that are late or miss a night will need to make up work or get a partial. Bring a Blue Card.