Add Latest News

  • At the top of the screen press the ” + New” button. Select “Post” OR click Here
  • An editor Screen will open.
  • Where it Says “Add Title” Change the Title to Troop Meeting XX/XX/XXXX where the XX are the date of the meeting
  • Blocks are used to add content. Different types of blocks have different formats.
  • Enter you text for the latest agenda
  • On the right of the screen left click on the “Document” text
  • Next to the “Publish” text change the date to the date you wish. I have been using the date of the event for the publish date so the new is in order of when the event happened
  • On the right in the middle left click to expand the “Categories” section
  • left click to check the “News” Box. Make sure all other categorizes are unchecked
  • Scroll to the top right and left click the “Publish” button. Press “Publish” a second time to make it live.

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