Meeting Agendas

Meeting 10/16/2023

Put stuff here

10/02/2021 Meeting Agenda

  • Opening Flags
  • Outdoor Code LINK
  • Scout Rank 2C Watch Video Below
  • Scout Rank 3A Watch video below

09/28/2021 Meeting Agenda

  • Opening Flags
  • Leader Min
  • Advancement
  • Knots
  • Oct Campout Discuss
  • Nov Activity Discuss
  • Dec Activity Discuss
  • Closing Flags

02/02/2021 Meeting

  • Review navigating techniques
  • Finish Entrepreneurship Merit Badge

01/26/2012 Meeting

  • Navigation from Last week
  • Feb Camp out discussion
  • March Merit Badge College
  • April Search & Rescue a GO
  • Niagara Chocolate Sales
  • Scout Rank 2A
  • Scout rank 2B
  • Scout Rank 3B

Scout Rank Requirement 2A
Scout Rank Requirement 2B
Scout Rank Requirement 3B

01/19/2021 Meeting

  • Guest Speaker: Sarah Pranaitis
  • Stove Discussion (Second Class 2D)
  • Finding directions Day and Night (Second Class 3D)
  • Red jacket Fellow ship camp out discussion
  • Niagara Chocolate Candy Sale (Optional)

Sarah Pranaitis: Daughter in-law of Mr. Crane, Ms. Crane is currently in third year of medical school. She, and her husband, will be offering medical related Merit Badges.

Stove discussion: Second Class 2D requirement Mr. Kerr

Demonstrate how to find directions during the day and at night without using a compass or an electronic device. Video From Scouter Bob

Red Jacket Fellowship weekend June 5-7. Theme is “Gone Wild”

Presentations from Hawk Crek Wildlife Refuge, WNY Herpetology, Elephant Sanctuary, games and more.

Need to know who can go.

Niagara Chocolate Sale For those that wish you can sell Niagara Chocolate Candy. Scout earn 50% towards camp. This is a council program and funds must be used for a resident camp.

Links to Item Catalog and Council Flyer are below

Orders due Feb 12th

01/12/2021 Meeting Agenda

  • Review the material from last week.
  • See if anyone has plant ID to present


Entrepreneurship Merit Badge: This week we will work on some of the items for this merit badge. We completed requirements

  • 1
  • 2 (first 6)
  • 4
  • 5c

Troop Meeting 03/10/2020

  • Art Merit Badge beginning with Mrs. Kerr
  • Physical Fitness Start with Mr. Michaels
  • Outdoor Code Introduction with Mrs Lombardi

Troop Meeting 03/02/2020

  • Finish making St. Pats day place mats for the retirement home
  • Bring in two items for your personal first aid kit
  • Review merit Badge selection for Dittmer

Troop Meeting 02/25/2020

  • Because we had mostly a committee meeting last week.
  • This week we will have a normal scout meeting.
  • Review opening flag procedures
  • Service Project.: Decorate placemats for retirement home
  • Make personal first aid kit
  • Talk about art merit badge

Troop Meeting 02/18/2020

  • Due to illness and school break travel tonight meeting was more of a committee meeting
  • Leaders meet to discuss upcoming camp out and events

Troop Meeting 02/11/2020

  • Winter Safety
  • Cross Country Skis

Troop Meeting 02/04/2020

  • Winter Safety
  • Snow Shoe Demo and practice
  • Meal Planning for Feb camp out
  • Program Planning for Feb camp out