Mission Statement

To allow girls to benefit from the scouting program. This include an outdoor program (camping), merit badges, and rank advancement (with highest rank being Eagle). We believe that scouting program helps character development, self confidence, leadership, and reverence to God. All youth, girls and boys, can benefit from the current scouting program.

This will be a scout lead troop with the scouts making decision as far as events, camping, fundraisers and other items. While we anticipate that there may be some events that this troop participates in with Troop 4 we understand that a girl troop will develop it’s own identity, culture and scout leadership.

We completely agree with Scouting BSA decision to charter girls only troops. A girls only troop will have the ability to chart it’s own course and style.

If you or anyone you know is interested in being part of our new troop please email us at info@itctroopforgirls.org